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Organization Structure


Industry conditions and competition

In 2023, in addition to economic slowdown in Thailand. The main reason is from purchasing power. Most of customer are farmers, workers, or general traders. There is a problem of insufficient income for living. Interest rates have increased. Household debt increases. People who have never been in debt began to be in debt. Loan began occurred more. Thailand is most worrisome are informal loan, gambling, and drugs, as well as scammers in the form of tricking people into investing, which are regularly seen. These people can cheat a lot of money. However, at the beginning of the year we adjusted the product prices down to reduce the product prices to be in line with the majority of customers (middle-low) so that they were within reach. Including searching on construction site but with debt and income problems causing the results to not be so well.

In the second half of the year, the company sees that there are a groups that still have purchasing power, in the middle-upper group. Therefore, adjusted a method by using porcelain as an invader and enter to construction sites, housing estate, or other business groups.


In "Value Creation Policy" becomes into existence by allowing all sectors to participate in creating value. Create value is taking into account the customer as the main focus and can be done immediately by adjusting employee behavior, such as improving the image of the outlet to be clean, in orderly, beautiful, and worth visiting. Making more impression of service by giving advice on providing quick service, tracking and managing work processes to build confidence among customers, etc.

For increasing marketing channels, the company also attends architect fairs and home and garden fairs with the aim of showcasing new products, namely Porcelain tiles, which have physical properties equal to or better than imported products and with a production base located in country. This makes it as a good choice for customers who want continuity use. In addition to variety, easy to find is a strength point of the company. The response was extremely satisfactory. There has been a noticeable increase in new housing estate project customers. Sales generated in 2023 come from the housing estate project group and mostly are in upper market. The company continues to improve the image of outlets with plans to increase product display formats to be beautiful and luxurious, consistent with the Porcelain product group and customer groups. This is to create a business with sustainable growth. The management team has researched ways to improve outlets to increase potential and create well-being for employees, care about the environment and community and manage business with the principles of good governance for the benefit of all shareholders.


Sales and %Market Share classify by floor and wall tiles business in the ceramic group

Work plans and strategies

- To be a manufacturer and distributor of floor and wall ceramic tiles covering under the trademark brands, Dynasty Group. Including creating new innovations in production and services to be a better alternative to construction materials.

- Create cooperation with business partners to create a fair balance of mutual benefits.

- Committed to sustainable growth by operate business with good performance, ethics, transparency, respect for rights and responsibility to shareholders, stakeholders. Reduce environmental impact, including use technology to increase efficiency in both production and sales.

Develop potential and management structure in line with the policy for business growth.

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