“The Company’s dividend policy requires the company to distribute the dividend of not less than 70 percent of the consolidated net profit after tax 
However, DCC Performance and Retained earnings should not be negative and depending on the sufficiency to the Company’s Cash Flow and investment plans and other relevant factors.”

          The Meeting resolved that the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the year 2020 be proposed to consider and approve the payment of the annual dividend of the year 2019 at the rate of 0.1044 Baht per share or the dividend payout ratio of the Company shall be 75%. which is higher than the dividend payment policy specified by the company, not less than 70% of net profit after income tax according to the consolidated financial statement of company and its subsidiaries. for total number of 7,231,432,657 shares as the issued and paid-up share capital of the Company, totally 754.96 Million Baht, of which cash totally 559.71 Baht or 0.0774 Baht per share was paid as interim dividend during the year 2019. The remaining (Quarter4 Oct-Dec 2019) of 0.027 Baht would be further paid out totally 195.25 Million Baht. In case of the Meeting of Shareholders for the year 2020 approves the dividend payment as proposed.

Total dividends paid in the past 5 years (Baht / share)


          *8 May 2019, The first exercise of warrants is 703,439,699 units. Buying the ordinary shares 703,438,699 shares at Par Value 0.10 Baht per share, equivalent to 70,343,870 Baht. Resulting in paid-up capital of the company increased from 6,527,993,958 shares at 652,799,396 Baht to 7,231,432,657 shares at 723,143,266 Baht. Listed companies increase the issued and paid-up capital with the Ministry of Commerce on May 10, 2019.