Dear Shareholders,

          In 2020, it was a very successful year with a policy of producing high quality tiles. The company has launched a new products that are a large size of tiles, size 60x120 cm and 80x80 cm which can compete with imported tiles. It is cheaper and also variety of colorful patterns to suit with Thai taste. It can accommodate the needs of architects in any design, interior and exterior decoration. On the other hands, imported tiles are less of choices.

       Another policy is development and optimization at all levels of production and personnel management. It resulting in a nearly 10% reduction in administrative cost. Compound with cheaper of fuel and oil price from the effect on COVID-19 outbreak. This resulted in a gross profit of 41.5%, net price of 18.6% and sales increased by 4.7% while the same industry were decrease in performance.

      In response to shareholders who supporting us, together with the company achieved the highest operating results in 31 years. In this year, the management team is delighted to pay even higher dividends and thank you to all shareholders for always help to support the company operation.


Yours faithfully,

Mr. Roongroj Saengsastra


Message from Chairman