Shareholding Structure    

        Shareholding structure (10 major shareholders) and shareholding changes in the last 3 years are as follows.















    Data as of 30 December 2019 
    - Shareholders that are Thai legal entities 40 entities; holding 562,298,088 shares or 10.16% 

    - Major shareholder that is Thai legal entity is Aberdeen Standard Small Cap Fund; holding 96,322,100 shares or 1.33% 

    - Shareholders that are foreign legal entities 52 entities; holding 831,182,733 shares or 11.50% 
    - Major shareholder that is foreign legal N.C.B.TRUST LIMITED-NORGES BANK 1; holding 197,330,900 shares or 2.73%

    List of warrant holders to purchase ordinary shares of Dynasty Ceramic Company Limited No.1(DCC-W1) 10 major

    (Data as of 30 December 2019) 











      In accordance with the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the year 2018, on April 24, 2018, approved the issuance and offering of warrants to purchased ordinary shares of the Company No.1 (DCC-W1) in the amount of 2,611,197.583 units for offering to the existing shareholders of the company in proportion to their shareholding in the ratio of 2.5 existing shares per unit of warrants without charge. 
       8 May 2019, The first exercise of warrants is 703,439,699 units. Buying the ordinary shares 703,438,699 shares at Par Value 0.10 Baht per share, equivalent to 70,343,870 Baht. Resulting in paid-up capital of the company increased from 6,527,993,958 shares at 652,799,396 Baht to 7,231,432,657 shares at 723,143,266 Baht. Listed companies increase the issued and paid-up capital with the Ministry of Commerce on May 10,2019.